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GCFF Board Of Directors

The Fund is overseen by an independent Board of Directors comprised of nominees from GCF member states and contributors to the GCF Fund, including members from the U.S. State Department and USAID. All board members are well-recognized individuals with experience in development programs in GCF member regions. The GCF Fund staff work closely with the GCF Secretariat, GCF Country Coordinators, and GCF delegates to help identify needs and ensure efforts are coordinated among different countries, regions, and organizations. This creates an efficient structure of local stakeholders from civil society, research institutions, and state governmental institutions who identify the needs and strategies from the field at the frontier of tropical deforestation.


GCFF's Board Of Directors

Mubariq Ahmad- President and Indonesia Representative.

Dr. Mubariq Ahmad works as an Adviser for Climate Change and Green Economy Policy at the World Bank Indonesia Office. Previously he was seconded to the Indonesian Presidential REDD+ Task Force to lead the Strategy Working Group until June 2013.

Pablo Farias – Treasurer/Mexico, Nigeria, and Peru Representative.

From 2004 to 2013 he served as vice president for the Economic Opportunity and Assets program of the Ford Foundation, As vice president, Pablo oversaw the Foundation’s work on sustainable development and climate change, which included forming the Climate and Land Use Alliance (CLUA) and implementing funding initiatives in India, China, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Brazil on natural resource rights and the development of climate change policies and programs that strengthen rural communities.

João Talocchi – Secretary/Brazil Representative

Through his work with the private sector, NGOs and public institutions, Joao has dedicated his career to addressing social and environmental issues with a focus on climate change. As the former director of the Amazonas State Climate Change Center (CECLIMA), under the State Secretary for Sustainable Development, he was responsible for the development and implementation of deforestation reduction, environmental services, energy efficiency and renewable energy policies. He was been appointed as the Amazonas State representative for the Amazon Fund Orienting Committee.

John Verdieck – Donor Representative

John Verdieck is a Foreign Affairs Officer in the Climate Change Office at the United States Department of State. His portfolio consists of both multilateral and bilateral efforts related to REDD+ and sustainable land use practices. In the multilateral context, John serves as part of the U.S. delegation to the UNFCCC negotiations where he focuses on REDD+ and LULUCF, is on the Participants Committee at the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) and is also part of the FCPF Carbon Fund’s Working Group on the Methodological Framework and Pricing Approach. John has a MA in International Relations from the University of California, San Diego.

Evan Notman – Donor Representative.

Evan Notman is a Forest and Climate specialist for USAID in the Washington, DC office where he manages USAIDs Washington based sustainable landscapes programs and provides guidance for USAID’s overall work on Sustainable Landscapes. Prior to joining USAID, Evan was a program officer for the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation where he coordinated the foundation’s program on REDD. Evan also has experience managing cooperative research grants and programs with Latin American countries as a program manager for the National Science Foundation’s Office of International Science and Engineering. Evan received a Masters degree in Tropical Ecology from University Missouri – St. Louis and a PhD in Botany from Miami University.

William Boyd – GCF Secretariat Representative

Dr. William Boyd is an Associate professor of law at the University of Colorado, a fellow at the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute, and Senior Advisor and Project Lead for the Governors’ Climate and Forests Taskforce Secretariat. He is the author of multiple papers on legal and institutional design issues associated with emerging greenhouse gas compliance systems as well as the integration of forests and land use into climate policy. As a faculty member at the University of Colorado law school, Professor Boyd teaches energy law & regulation, climate change law & policy, and environmental law. Dr Boyd holds a Ph.D. from the Energy & Resources Group at UC-Berkeley and his J.D. from Stanford Law School.



Serving an advisory role, the Joint Committee is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of the GCFF. Its members are composed of GCF Task Force delegates and representatives from the GCFF Board of Directors, GCF Secretariat, and GCFF donors.


Dande Tavares: Director President of the Company for the Development of Environmental Services – CDSA, Acre State


Rawing Rambang Donald Arthemas: Head of Plantation Agency, Central Kalimantan Province

Dedek Hadi: International Affairs, Forestry Agency, Aceh Province


Gabriela López: Manager, Trust of the State Forest Development Program-FIPRODEFO, Jalisco State

Roberto Iván Alcalá Ferráez: Secretary of the Campeche State Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources- SEMARNAT, Campeche State


Dr. Alice O. Ekwu: Honorable Commissioner, Ministry of Climate Change and Forestry, Cross River State


Luis Briceño Jara: General Regional Manager of Ucayali, Ucayali Region

Percy Chávez Escalante: Regional Manager of the Regional Environmental Authority of Amazonas, Amazonas Region

Governors´ Climate and Forests Task Force Secretariat

Julie Teel Simmonds: Senior Advisor

Governors´ Climate and Forests Fund Board of Directors

Pablo J. Farias: Treasurer

Governors´ Climate and Forests Fund Management

Rosa María Vidal: Executive Director


Elisabeth Forseth: Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad)