How We Accredit



The Accreditation process

The accreditation process involves a review of an organization’s fiduciary management, organizational governance, technical competency, and background in managing and implementing activities related to the GCFF’s mission. These criteria are also assessed against the standards of the GCFF and its funders. The results of the accreditation process will indicate any areas of institutional weakness that require further attention.  Ideal candidates will demonstrate:

At least three years of operational experience.

Alignment with the GCFF’s mission.

A desire and ability to meet the objectives of the GCFF.

Sufficient organizational structure and personnel.

Established adequate internal financial and administrative policies.

A history of receiving grants and successfully managing projects.

A history of working with subnational partners


Institutions that do not receive accreditation are encouraged to further develop their capacity by partnering with accredited institutions and jurisdictions to implement GCFF funded projects. The GCFF strives to provide constructive feedback to institutions who do not meet the GCFF’s criteria so that they may address any areas of weakness and reapply for accreditation in the future. By improving institutional capacity, organizations will increase their opportunity to be accredited and contribute to enhancing capacity in GCF member states in the future.