our team

Rosa María Vidal is the GCF Fund’s Executive Director, bringing 25 years of experience in institutional development, sustainable management of natural resources, forest and livelihoods interventions. She is a well known Mexican conservation professional, who has collaborated in the development of the non-profit sector in southern México and has promoted the creation of several conservation alliances at national and international level. Her experience combines the challenges of local implementation with international experience. She is the founder and former managing director of the Mexican NGO Pronatura Sur A.C. where she remains Board member, Vice President and founder of Fondo de Conservaciòn el Triunfo A.C. (to date), Member of the Executive Committee for the Regional Council of Birdlife International for the Americas (2006-2012), and member of the Civil Society Network for the Global Environment Facility (to date).
Luke Pritchard is the Governors’ Climate & Forests Fund’s Program Manager. Luke’s experience includes policy analysis, research, and project implementation at the nexus of forestry and climate change in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America, South America, and the Pacific. Prior to joining the GCF Fund Luke worked as a Policy Advisor for Climate Focus where he contributed to numerous working papers and provided REDD+ policy guidance to six governments in Southeast Asia as part of the Lowering Emissions in Asia’s Forests (LEAF) Program. Luke holds an MSc in Agricultural Development, an MSc in Environmental and Forest Sciences, and a diploma in Sustainable Tropical Forestry.
Hill Grimmett is the Governors’ Climate & Forests Fund’s Director of Finance & Administration. His experience includes years of service as a financial management professional with both business and non-profit organizations. Much of his work has been with early-stage companies, helping them to create a firm foundation for growth based on strong accounting, financial management, and administrative systems. In addition, he has worked extensively in local economic development, especially in agriculture, and is a former Fellow of the Center for Collaborative Conservation at Colorado State University. He holds Masters degrees from Boston University (M.B.A.) and Harvard University (M.Div.).
Erin is the GCFF’s Executive Assistant, spearheading the GCFF’s communications efforts and providing administration assistance. With a BFA in Illustration and a MSc in Conservation Leadership, Erin’s experience bridges the communication and conservation fields, allowing her to provide a unique perspective from her combined work experience as a graphic designer and conservation and development professional. Erin has dedicated the past nine years of her career to conservation on a national and international scale. Her most recent experiences were in Latin America conducting ecotourism research and serving as an Environment Peace Corps Volunteer. She speaks Spanish and is passionate about climate change mitigation and REDD+.
Claudia Ochoa is the Fund’s Amazonian Program Manager. As an environmental lawyer with degrees from the Pontific Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) and the University of Wisconsin- Madison, she has worked as an assistant professor and researcher in addition to serving as a legal advisor on a diverse array of environmental projects focused on natural resources, protected areas, forests, climate change, and REDD+. Having lived and worked in the Amazon region for an extended period of time, her experience professional has afforded her an in-depth understanding of the social-ecological conditions on the ground within the Amazon region. Claudia’s work in the Amazon has helped achieve advances in climate change mitigation, forest conservation, and REDD+ in Peru through her coordination of projects that focused on sustainable forest management and her collaboration on different national and regional processes led by the Ministry of Environment. Claudia loves to travel, learn new languages, read, take pictures, and always be around nature.
Virza Sasmitawidjaja is the Governors’ Climate & Forests Fund’s Senior Advisor - Program Manager in Indonesia. He possesses 25 years of professional experience providing technical assistance to donors, governmental agencies, and the private sector in natural resource and environmental economics, environmental management, climate change, development planning, finance, policy, project management, and environmental safeguards. Throughout his professional career, Virza has served as a Senior Climate Change Specialist at the Asian Development Bank, a Senior Environmental Policy and Safeguards Specialist at the World Bank, and an Environmental Economics and Policy Specialist for USAID’s Natural Resource Management (NRM III) project. He has been responsible for the formulation, administration, and supervision of climate change projects/programs (Forest Investment Program) in Indonesia, especially in the area of natural resources management. In addition, he has served as an advisor, providing guidance on the application of the World Bank’s safeguard policies, including those governing environmental assessment and management. In regards to climate change, Virza is well rounded with experience developing technical and analytical products, initiating financing options for low carbon development and policy instruments, and assisting with the development of REDD+ the demonstration of activities for implementation. Virza holds an MSc in Business Strategy and Environmental Management and a diploma in Economics.